Let us help you secure the future of your Honeywell Building Automation system with our Delta 1000 Gateway!

The Honeywell Delta 1000 Communications Gateway is a special purpose, single board computer designed for Honeywell's Delta 1000. With the Delta 1000 Gateway, you can replace your outdated, central Honeywell Delta Building Automation System, with today's state-of-the-art open SCADA systems. Such new central system not only provides the means to conserve energy, it does so while retaining all the existing field installation and thus providing substantial savings, making it a very attractive business incentive for building owners. In addition, there are numerous PLC systems (field systems) available, capable of communicating with a new central system, making it possible to mix and match brands for any future replacement or addition of field units.

Click here for more information about how our Honeywell Delta 1000 Communications Gateway can save you up to 90% of the cost of upgrading your Facilities Management System by keeping all of your existing field installation untouched!

Honeywell Building Automation Services

We can assist you in modernizing your current Honeywell system. Our consultants will survey your current installation and provide you with a time and cost plan as well as providing the actual engineering work such as installation and programming your new system. Click here for more information.

Honeywell Building Automation Spare Parts

We can provide you with Honeywell parts such as R7044E1092 (US version) or R7044E1084 (European version), Series 1500 DGP's or FS90 Fire and Security panels. Click here for more information.

In addition to spare parts, we can also assist you with repair services, either on-site or at our repair facilities.