Honeywell Building Automation Services

Honeywell Building Automation Consultancy Services

We can assist you modernizing our current Honeywell system

Are you considering replacing your complete Honeywell installation including field panels, sensors and wiring? That will be a costly exercise! If you are considering replacing your field panels because you don't think that spare parts are available then contact us for a quote of the part you need!

Is it a new and powerful central system you are looking for? No need to discard your existing filed installation! Just replace the central Honeywell Building Automation system and keep your existing field panels! There are several state-of-the-art open SCADA systems available to choose from today. Such new central system not only provides the means to conserve energy, with our help it also retains all the existing field installation and thus providing substantial savings, making it a very attractive business incentive for building owners. In addition, there are numerous PLC systems (field systems) available, capable of communicating with a new central system, making it possible to mix and match brands for any future replacement or addition of field units. It will save you a lot of money! Our consultants will survey your current installation and provide you with a time and cost plan as well as providing the actual engineering work such as installation and programming your new system.

One of the world’s most sold SCADA systems with 140,000 licenses installed is General Electric’s iFIX. iFIX is widely used in process control but due to its flexibility and a large number of OPC servers available such as COMLI (the protocol I use in our Delta 1000 gateway) as well as OPC servers for Excel Classic any many others, it is also used in Building Automation. In an iFIX database node, you run the built-in OPC client which communicates with the OPC Server software selected for the field panels. Just about any field panel can be communicated with using the appropriate OPC Server. We have done installations which have a mix of S1000, S1200 and S1500 Building Automation DGP’s from Honeywell and Larmia as well as ABB, Siemens and other PLC’s. All fed into the same central system! Points from any system can be shown in the same process picture in iFIX. Data from an S1500 can be sent to an ABB PLC if needed.

Honeywell Building Automation Repair Services

If you have a faulty board from a field panel, contact us for a repair quote. Or, we can provide new or used spare parts.

Honeywell Building Automation On-site repair Services

Need help with your system at your site? We can help you with your issue. Over the years we have served customers with products and done field work in Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and will be happy to help you out where ever you are.