Our Honeywell Delta 1000 Gateway opens up your closed Delta 1000 system and can save up to 90% of the cost of upgrading your Facilities Management System by keeping all of your existing field installation untouched!

Honeywell Delta 1000 Communications Gateway Adapter Working Principle

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The Reason for replacing your complete Honeywell Delta 1000, 2000, 5100, 5200, 5600 or Excel Building Supervisor (XBS) installation

There could be many reasons for replacing a Honeywell Delta 1000, 5100 or 5600 installation. The Man-Machine Interface of the central system is very old and does not make use of the information collected by the field installation. Spare parts are expensive and hard to find for the central system. If constructing a new building that are to be connected to the central system, would you use old technology from the 1970’s – 80’s? Probably not, and modern day PLC systems (DGP’s) are installed in the new building, which means you cannot connect the new field units to the old, proprietary Honeywell Delta 1000 or 2000 CPU, necessitating an additional central system that runs in parallel with the old Honeywell Delta 1000 system. And there is no transfer of decision making information between the two disparate systems. Is this an optimal solution? We don’t think so.

The Problem when replacing a complete Honeywell Delta 1000, Delta 2000, Delta 5100, Delta 5200, Delta 5600 or Excel Building Supervisor (XBS) installation

There are two major problems facing any building owner that plans to replace the complete Honeywell Delta 1000, 2000, 5100, 5200 or 5600 installation and that is Interruption of Building Services and the Equipment Replacement Cost. If you replace all your current Honeywell Delta 2000 DPG’s, 1000 DPG’s, 1200 DPG’s or 1500 DPG’s with new equipment, not only do you have to replace the DGP’s but also all the cabinets, electrical wiring to actuators, sensor wiring and transmission wiring. As the field installation accounts for 88% of the total cost of a complete system, substantial savings are possible if an alternative solution is available. The replacement cost is the one factor that can easily be measured in money. But what about the discomfort imposed on the buildings inhabitants, the danger of missing out on critical alarms during the transition period and not to mention all the errors that are inevitable in any major reconstruction project?

Our Solution to the Problem? Decommission only your Delta 1000 CPU and all its peripherals!

The Honeywell Delta 1000 Foxtrot 1000 Open Gateway is a proprietary, special purpose computer designed and built in-house by Fox Data for the Building Management market. With the Delta 1000 Gateway, you can replace your outdated, central Honeywell Delta Building Automation Computer System, with today’s state-of-the-art open SCADA systems. Such new central system not only provides the means to conserve energy, it does so while retaining all the existing field installation and thus providing substantial savings, making it a very attractive business incentive for building owners, and at the same time, providing for environmental protection by lowering the use of energy. In addition, there are numerous PLC systems (field systems) available, capable of communicating with a new central system, making it possible to mix and match brands for any future replacement or addition of field units.

Possible Savings

Estimates made by our current customers, shows that huge savings can be made. One customer has a total of 6000 field points. They installed our Honeywell Delta 1000 Foxtrot 1000 Open Gateway and replaced their central Honeywell Delta 1000 CPU and its peripherals with GE Fanuc's FIX, a PC Windows based software solution with a graphical man-machine interface. They had the option of completely replacing all of their building’s existing Honeywell Delta 1000 Building Automation System with 6000 field points at a total cost of approximately $4.5 million. By retaining all the existing field installations and only replacing the central Honeywell Delta 1000 CPU and its peripherals, their savings was in the order of US$4.1 million! Not only did they save a huge amount of money, they now have the means of instigating sophisticated energy conservations algorithms, not to mention the numerous improvements they have made to the management of their buildings.

Energy savings made possible

Our technology coupled with our extensive knowledge of Energy Conservation in the Building Management area, facilitates environment protection by lowering the use of energy while at the same time making it possible to save huge sums of money. All this and still retaining the comfort level of a building, or, in fact increasing the comfort level through the application of sophisticated computer algorithms and by fully utilizing the buildings sensor installation which simply is not possible using the current Building Automation System. One such example is to employ Electrical Power Reduction by Deterministic Temperature Control.

Technical Description

The design team

The Delta 1000 Gateway is a totally self-contained unit which was developed in-house at Fox Data using Fox Data’s staffHoneywell Delta 1000 Communications Gateway Adapter of seasoned engineers with a total of more than 19 years of employment as Delta 2000 and Delta 1000 hardware and software system engineers at Honeywell. The development team also includes a communication systems expert, with more than 30 years of experience, who also develops the next generation of hardware and software communication solutions for one of the world’s largest Telecom companies.

Non-stop Reliability

Two of the design criteria’s where simplicity and transparency. A third one was reliability. Many hours went into finding ways and algorithms that would ensure 100% uptime. Hard disks, operating systems that were bug ridden, user settings were all forbidden since such items usually means system failure at some point in time. Our installation at GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences in the Swedish town of Uppsala was commissioned in 1996 and has never failed once. The same is true for the other installation we have in Uppsala at Pfizer. This is fifteen years of uninterrupted service 24x7x365x15!

Easy to install

The Foxtrot 1000 Gateway for Delta 1000 is totally transparent to the user and the host system. Once the 7 wires are connected (power, Delta 1000 transmission loop and the host serial port), you can simply forget the Foxtrot 1000 Gateway! Your host system (central SCADA system) believes that is talking to an ABB COMLI compliant Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and all definition of I/O is done in the COMLI driver. There is no programming to be made, no settings and only 7 wires to be connected and the system is up and running. All design and setup is done on the new central system.

Ease to use

The Delta Foxtrot 1000 Open Gateway translates, in an intelligent and totally transparent fashion to the end-user, incoming host requests into a corresponding Honeywell Delta 1000 message, waits for the Honeywell Delta 1000 DPG to respond and translates the response back to a format which the requesting host computer understands. The unit is equipped with a diagnostic feature consisting of 4 LED’s and a numeric display capable of displaying two digits. The LED’s are grouped top to bottom and has a printed legend to the right of each LED, displaying its function. The numeric display has a descriptive label situated just above it.

No need to throw out the investment you already made

All your existing Honeywell Delta 1000 channel wiring, DGP's with field wiring and sensors are kept intact. The Foxtrot 1000 is a custom designed single board computer with specially designed hardware and software that completely implements a Honeywell Delta 1000 current loop Channel Interface on one side and an Open Gateway interface on the other using an open public protocol.

Feel free to use any central SCADA system of your choice

A central system can be based on any software that has a COMLI driver such as GE Fanuc's FIX with the old Honeywell DGP's, any vendors PLC's or other Building Automation vendors field equipment, all tied into the same central FIX database system. A mix of digital and analog information from all the various vendors field systems are used in alarm and control calculation algorithms in the FIX system and the control output is sent to any vendor’s field equipment. The same mixture of inputs and outputs are also being displayed on any Windows or web browser based FIX operator display. Using the COMLI OPC Server with our gateway, you will have a complete Honeywell Delta 1000 OPC Server.

Honeywell Delta 1000 Communications Gateway Adapter

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The hardware and software Delta 1000 Foxtrot 1000 Gateway is not a PC card

The Honeywell Delta 1000 Foxtrot 1000 Open Gateway is a special purpose communications and protocol converter computer that is built around a high-speed microcontroller running our real-time executive software that converts both the communications protocol and electrical interface between any public protocol and Honeywell's Delta 1000 which makes it possible to replace your outdated Honeywell Delta 1000, Delta 5100, Delta 5600 central computer system and it's peripherals with a modern central system of your choice, such as GE Fanuc's FIX, TAC Vista or Wonderware's InTouch just to mention a few to take advantage of state-of-the-art building automation and control capability without having to replace existing wiring, data gathering panels, and input/output devices (points).

It is not possible to send CPA/DPA commands with the Delta 1000 Gateway due to a flaw in the Honeywell protocoll.